The ammended new commercial code of FDRE. PDF

If you visit jimmaa zone attorney via domain name or thru googling the site name 👉(Mana Hojii Abbaa alangaa godina jimmaa, የጅማ ዞን አቃቤ ህግ ፅፈት ቤት) tou will access thousands of federal and all regional constitutions, proclamations, regulations, decrees minutes, in one archive. Beside tou will access thousands of literature written on legaal issues in pdf, doc, docx, and other formats. In adition if you visit our website you can follow jimmaa zone attorney fm station which prodcusted via internet. So what are tou waiting for come visit and subscribe our website.

Jimmaa zone attorney.

Tamsaas bitootessa 17/2013 fm📻 tora internet irrattii mhaagjtin tamsaafamee asii argattuu. ( ) irratti

⚖️We strive to insute justice⚖️

Published by Mana Hoji AA Godina Jimma. የጅማ ዞን አቃቤህግ መስሪያቤት

This is the official website of Jimmaa zone attorney office, ⚖️wee strive to insure justice for our community⚖️

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