Proc No. 182-1999 Privatization of Public Enterprises (Amen
Proc No. 183-1999 Reciprocal Promotion and Protection of In
Proc No. 185-1999 Ethio-Yemen Export Promotion Agencies Tec
Proc No. 186-1999 Ethio-Yemen Agreement on Culture Ratificat
Proc No. 187-1999 Proclamation to make the Electoral Law of
Proc No. 188-1999 Federal Courts of Sharia Consolidation
Proc No. 191-2000 Ethio-Libya Economic, Scientific, Cultura
Proc No. 192-2000 Basel Convention on the Control of the Tr
Proc No. 193-2000 Property Mortgaged or Pledged with Banks
Proc No. 194-2000 Geological Survey of Ethiopia Establishmen
Proc No. 195-2000 Ethio-Cuba Economic, Scientific and Techn
Proc No. 196-2000 Preferential Trade Area for Eastern and S
Proc No. 197-2000 Ethiopian Water Resources Management
Proc No. 198-2000 Animal, Animal products_ and By-Products
Proc No. 199-2000 Federal Courts Advocates’ Licensing and R
Proc No. 203-2000 OPEC Fund for International Development L
Proc No. 204-2000 OPEC Fund for International Development
Proc No. 205-2000 Ethio-Russia Economic, Scientific and Tec
Proc No. 206-2000 Seed
Proc No. 207-2000 Federal Police
Proc No. 208-2000 Board of Trustee for Public Enterprises
Proc No. 209-2000 Research and Conservation of Cultural Heri
Proc No. 210-2000 Ethiopian Human Rights Commission Establi
Proc No. 211-2000 Institution of the Ombudsman Establishment
Proc No. 212-2000 National Disaster Prevention and Prepared
Proc No. 214-2000 Investments Promotion and Reciprocal Prot
Proc NO. 215-2000 Ethio-Russia Trade Agreement Ratification
Proc No. 216-2000 Property Mortgaged or Pledged with Banks
Proc No. 217-2000 Strengthening of the Management and Admin
Proc No. 218-2000 Medical Practitioners Registration (Repeal
Reg No. 57-1999 Federal Court Advocates Code of Conduct Co