FDRE-Proclamation-1997-PDF-Jimmaa-Attorney FDRE-Proclamation-1998-PDF-Jimmaa-Attorney

Proc No. 486-2006 Convention between the Govern

Proc No. 487-2006 European Investment Bank Loan

Proc No. 488-2006 Ethiopian Organic Agriculture Sys

Proc No. 489-2006 Government of the State of Israel

Proc No. 490-2006 Arab Bank for Economic Develop

Proc No. 491-2006 Export Import Bank of India Credit

Proc No. 492-2006 Kuwait fund For Arab Economic

Proc No. 493-2006 The Comprehensive Nuclear Test

Proc No. 494-2006 Labour (Amendment) Proclamation

Proc No. 495-2006 Social Security Agency Re-est

Proc No. 496-2006 Saudi Fund for Development Loan

Proc No. 497-2006 Arab Bank for Economic Development

Proc No. 498-2006 The African Development fund

Proc No. 499-2006 The Government of Federal Democ

Proc No. 500-2006 The Government of United state of

Proc No. 502-2006 1999 Fiscal year Budget

Proc No.472-2005 Italian Republic Loan Agreement

Proc No.473-2005 OPEC Fund for International

Proc No.474-2005 Nordic Development Fund Credit

Proc No.475-2005 African Development Fund Loan

Proc No.476-2005 Saudi Fund for Development Loan

Proc No.477-2005 Agreement on Cultural Scientific and

Proc No.478-2005 An Inquiry Commission to Investigate

Proc No.479-2005 Agreement between the Government

Proc No.480-2005 Agreement between the Government

Proc No.483-2006 The Diredawa Administration Charter

Proc No.484-2006 Convention For the Safeguarding

Proc No.485-2006 The Security Cooperation Between

Proc No.501-2006 TradeMark Registration

Reg No.120-2006 Adama University Establishing Council

Reg No.121-2006 Ethiopian Civil Service College Re-Est

Reg No.122-2006 Tendaho Sugar Factory Est

Reg No.123-2006 Alemaya University of Agriculture Est

Reg No.124-2006 Mining Operations

Reg No.125-2006 Textile and Leather Industry Devel

Reg No.126-2006 Export prize awards

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